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This year is your year to exit the sick care system!

Chiropractic is a health care system that is founded on the premise that a properly functioning nervous system is essential to the overall health and function of the human body. Chiropractors detect and correct vertebral subluxations by physically adjusting the spine. This restores the nervous system to an optimum level of function, which maximizes the body’s inherent healing potential. Dr. Ron Glick has said, “When I started in medical practice over 30 years ago, people would look suspicion at a physician who recommended chiropractic, but that’s not the case anymore.” Subluxation alone is a rational reason for chiropractic care throughout a lifetime from birth. Many internal disorders are resolved by the spinal adjustment alone. Leaving the chiropractic adjustment out of the treatment plan invites failure. Every newborn should receive a neck and spine examination and a chiropractic adjustment if necessary. Chiropractors tend to have very high patient satisfaction rates and from a public health perspective, we’d see a lot fewer unnecessary tests and hospitalizations, and opioid prescriptions if more people utilized chiropractic. Let's get you scheduled for an appointment. Health by Design is located in Jacksonville, Florida. Give us a call at (904) 363- 3374 and make your first appointment!

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The information contained within this email is meant only as a guideline for some of the treatments and services provided and not as a substitute for doctor provided care. Before pursuing any self-treatment for an ailment, you should first consult your chiropractor, primary care physician, or the nearest health care facility/hospital. If you are having an emergency, call 911.

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