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When was the last time your doctor asked you about what you eat? Or you had the opportunity to spend an hour with a trained professional discussing your health goals? With Health By Design Nutrition Coaching, your personal Nutrition Health Coach will work with you to integrate healthy habits into your daily life. Taking a holistic approach, we work together on finding balance for better health in all areas of your life, both on & off your plate.


  • Establish your health goals & create an actionable plan to achieve them

  • Discover how to eat intuitively & choose the right food for your unique body

  • Develop new healthy eating & lifestyle habits that eliminate the need to diet or count calories

  • Reset your cravings & shift your mindset by understanding how food makes you feel

  • Learn to read food labels & become an expert on ingredients & how they impact your body

  • Overcome common health problems by changing your diet

  • Determine what is standing in the way of accomplishing your health goals (eating the wrong foods, cravings, stress eating, etc.) & treat the root cause versus just the symptoms

We know that the answer to true optimal health is in YOUR hands. YOU have the decision every day to help take back YOUR health. Let us help YOU encourage YOURSELF to make some of the best choices for YOUR life! To regain the sense of who YOU used to be!

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Coaching Testimonial


You may be thinking, “I can just buy these supplements on my own, and I can make my own plan.” I am DIY in every way. I fix my own cars, do my own remodels, etc. I tried health on my own. I tried eating organic, perishable foods, instead of eating processed foods. I failed. I needed someone to tell me what was keeping me from optimum health. I would have never discovered that brown rice was bad. I would have never known how many enzymes to take. You need experts to not just tell you what to take but how much to take. Dr. Kristy and Scott are a great team to help you with that. I am grateful for them and the staff at Health by Design. 

Aaron Austin