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Modere Supplements

Modere is an omnichannel, consumer products company that develops and markets clean, health & wellness products through ecommerce and direct-to-consumer channels. The company’s branded, award-winning portfolio of clean lifestyle products includes beauty and personal care, nutrition and household essentials that are formulated without the use of thousands of controversial chemicals and compounds. This holistic live clean philosophy drives every aspect of the brand, going beyond its ingredient paradigm to encompass business operations, company culture, community activism and environmental advocacy.


SKU: 62758

Upgrade your skin care regimen with an expert collection of breakthrough products – CellProof Double Cleanser, Serum, Moisturizer and Infusion Mask plus award-winning Liquid BioCell – designed to give you noticeably more radiant skin.

The Modere Inside-Out Collagen System takes a comprehensive, inside-out approach to vibrant, youthful-looking skin. A collection of exclusive CellProof topical formulas delivers potent, award-winning ingredients to visibly enhance your appearance, while the supernutraceutical Liquid BioCell nourishes your skin from the inside, promoting hydration, firmness and elasticity.* The products work synergistically to revitalize your skin’s appearance, and let your inner beauty shine!



With proprietary TetraBlend™ and award-winning Collagen/HA Matrix® Technology

The Modere Logiq™ + Trim Chocolate collection features our revolutionary Logiq with TetraBlend™ Coffee and Logiq Creamer, plus body sculpting Trim Chocolate.* Rich, flavorful Modere Logiq with TetraBlend Coffee delivers outstanding cognitive support plus award-winning Collagen/HA Matrix® Technology. Combine it with Logiq Creamer for high-quality brain fuel from C8 MCTs, so you can stop coping and start conquering.* Award-winning Trim adds the benefits of clinical-strength CLA to accelerate fat reduction and patented Collagen/HA Matrix® Technology to improve muscle tone and restore youthful-looking skin for a body transformation experience.*

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