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Current patients: Host a tea party in your home for your closest friends and family members and Dr. Kristy, Dr. Adrienne or one of our practitioners will come and speak absolutely free.  As a thank you, you will receive a $50 gift certificate towards any purchase in our office.  IN ADDITION, all your guests will receive a coupon for 25% off their initial new patient visit with one of our practitioners

Tea Pot

Call the office at 904-363-3374 and



Q:  How many people can attend?

Tea party hosts must invite a minimum of 8 people. An ideal attendance would be a minimum of 5 guests and a maximum of 15. 


Q: Who is responsible for inviting attendees?

It is the tea party host's responsibility to invite tea party attendees, confirm attendance, and keep in communication with the guests. We suggest that you send out your invites at least a few weeks before the party date to give people plenty of notice to r.s.v.p. Please ask your guests to arrive 15 minutes before the scheduled presentation to allow for socializing and to grab a snack and be seated. Ask guests to arrive on time and get ready to have a fun and informative event!


Q: When do you need to know who is attending?

Collect RSVP’s for a final count 1 week prior to your party date and let the Practitioner who will be providing the lecture at your tea party know how many will be attending. This is important so that we bring enough handouts and food for everyone.


Q: What am I, the host responsible for providing?

We ask the host to provide the tea party space, plates, napkins, utensils and to serve a variety of teas or water with fruits or herbs in them. Please refrain from serving sweetened beverages. Stevia is ok. You don’t need to prepare any food for the party. Your Practitioner will bring a healthy recipe for everyone to sample. Food can be served before or after the presentation while guests are waiting for their health screening. Arrange the seating before guests arrive. It is a great idea to have a separate area near a table cleared off where your Practitioner can perform mini health checks.

Pouring Tea

Call the office and book your tea party!