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Book a tea party!

So now that you are a patient getting fantastic results, naturally you want to share your success with the people who mean the most to you.


There’s just one little problem…you have probably found that muscle testing isn’t the easiest thing to explain to someone who hasn't had it done.


No problem! Just bring your closest friends and family members to us and we will handle the rest. 


When you host a “tea party,” our practitioners will give a private health improvement class to your chosen guests! Included will be FREE health screenings, a healthy snack, tea (hence the name), and all of your guests will get muscle tested to determine if they are a candidate for Nutrition Response Testing.


Group tea parties are now being scheduled at Health by Design’s event space. Off site parties can also be booked upon advance request. Let us know if you would like us to prevent at a group that you belong to or at your workplace!


As a thank you, the host will receive a $50 gift certificate towards any purchase in our office.  IN ADDITION, all your guests will be offered a discounted price to enter the practice as a patient themselves! 

Tea Pot

Call the office at 904-363-3374 and



Q:  How many people can attend?

Tea party hosts must have a minimum of 5 guests RSVP yes. If your group is smaller, they will be combined with another small group. Our event space can comfortable host 20 attendees for a tea party. We have also found this is a good size to still make the event feel close knit.


Q: Who is responsible for inviting attendees?

It is the tea party host's responsibility to invite tea party attendees, confirm attendance, and keep in communication with the guests. We suggest that you send out your invites at least a few weeks before the party date to give people plenty of notice to RSVP. You can forward the invite that we sent to you or share the Facebook event that we will create and include you in!


Q: When should guests arrive?

Ask guests to arrive on time and get ready to have a fun and informative event! There will be time to socialize and grab a snack before the presentation begins. After the presentation, guests will be asked to fill out a short health questionnaire before they get muscle tested. Your guests are welcome to stay for the duration of the party or leave after they receive their screening. 


Q: When do you need to know who is attending?

Collect RSVP’s for a final count 1 week prior to your party date. This is important so that we prepare enough handouts and food for everyone.


Q: What am I, the host responsible for providing?

You bring the guests and we will provide the rest! For off site events, our event manager will coordinate specifics prior to confirming your event.

Pouring Tea

Call the office and book your tea party!
***This event is only offered for current HBD patients and their guests***

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