Functional Lab Testing

More dynamic, extensive, and in-depth lab testing is now available at Health by Design! 

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Comprehensive Stool Test

The stool test gives feedback in 5 categories of bowel health; Absorption, Inflammation, Dysbiosis, Metabolism and Pathogenic Organisms. The feedback can be used to further target your supplementation as well as dietary recommendations to help you get to the next level of health. You are a candidate to have this detailed evaluation if:

  • you are seemingly doing all of the right things

  • you aren't experiencing the results you would expect

  • you are extremely sensitive to food and/or supplements

  • you regularly feel bloated no matter what you eat or drink

  • you look pregnant by 5:00

  • you rarely have a normal bowel movement

The Comprehensive Stool test is $830. Purchase BOTH the Stool Test and the DNA test and save 20%! Get both tests for $1253.60! You save over $300!

The DNA test

The DNA test evaluates hundreds of potential genetic SNP's for irregular mutations. When you know what your DNA predisposes you towards, you are better able to take a proactive and preventative approach with your well-being. DNA is literally the "Code of Life." When we want to evaluate the root cause of dysfunction, you can't trace it any further back than the DNA. The results from this test allow the practitioner to go deeper with dietary recommendations, better able to advise on what to avoid as well as what foods and nutrients to incorporate more of. Gain more conviction over your pathway to wellness and get foresight into and empowerment over your future self. 

The DNA Test is $733. Purchase BOTH the Stool Test and the DNA test and save 20%! Get both tests for $1253.60! You save over $300!