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At Health by Design, our mission is to restore hope to those who haven’t been able to get help elsewhere. We provide compassionate care in a healing and approachable environment, enabling our patients to experience freedom from the bodily distraction of discomfort and stress.

Meet our Practitioners


Dr. Kristy Harvell

Founder of Health by Design
Doctor of Chiropractic
 Nutrition Response Testing® Practitioner

"I love to say, Weird Works!"

Dr. Kristy Harvell graduated in the Phi Chi Omega Honor Society, Cum Laude in December 2003 with certification in COX Flexion/Distraction technique.

She has studied Pediatrics and Pregnancy care with the International Chiropractic Pediatrics Association, Clinical Applied Nutrition at NYCC, Thermographic and surface EMG diagnostics with the Chiropractic Leadership Alliance, in August of 2007 became certified in Brimhall 6 Steps to Wellness, completed 200 hours of Applied Kinesiology training from 2011-2013 and has hundreds of hours of study in the fields of Functional Medicine and Clinical Nutrition through Metagenics and Standard Process, as well as Advanced Clinical Training with Ulan Nutritional Systems for better results with Nutrition Response Testing™

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Doctor of Chiropractic



Nutrition Response Testing™ Practitioner and Certified Massage Cupping Practitioner

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