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SP Complete Shake Recipe

Updated: Jul 22, 2021

To prepare a shake with SP Complete, SP Complete Chocolate, SP Complete Vanilla, Veg-E Complete Chocolate, or Veg-E Complete Vanilla, simply mix the powder with water and add the flavor options below.

Basic Shake Recipe

1-1½ cups of your favorite fresh or frozen fruits or vegetables (optional)

1 tablespoon high-quality oil (e .g ., flax oil), not necessary if already taking an oil supplement

2 rounded tablespoons (scoops) SP Complete/SP Complete Dairy Free or 4 rounded tablespoons (scoops) SP Complete Chocolate/ SP Complete Vanilla

1 cup water (increase for desired consistency)

3-4 cubes of ice for a thicker shake

Tips to make your shakes great!

Thoroughly blend all ingredients together, adding water and ice cubes until the shake reaches desired consistency.

You may make a large enough batch to last you through the day, but make sure to keep the shake refrigerated and remix as needed before pouring.

Use frozen fruit and eliminate water/ice for a frosty, thick shake.

Mangoes or peaches give your shake a nice zing.

Peel and slice extra-ripe bananas, and freeze them for easy use.

Increasing fruit will increase the sweetness but will also increase the calories and may interfere with weight management.

If blending vegetables, there is no restriction regarding the quantity; it is recommended that a high-performance commercial drink blender be used.

Original recipe and nutritional information adapted from the Standard Process Patient Purification Guide

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