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Recipe: Organic Chili

Updated: Oct 28, 2020

There isn't a time of the year that chili isn't a good option. From fun summer cookouts to cold winter nights, a wholesome chili recipe is a kitchen staple. This recipe came along one football season when we needed an item that was warm, hearty and meaty, because of course all football meals should consist of those adjectives, to stand tall next to the typical veggie, meat, and cheese snacks. Plus, I needed something quick and easy as guests would be coming over soon. So per the usual, I stood in the kitchen repeating those words in my head, praying for inspiration. BAM, it came to me, right before I went a tad bit crazy, "Chilli! That's it!"

When I got to work I made a stereotypical chili list and then added some signature flair to spruce it up a notch. Got myself to the grocery store with my handy list and ingenious smile. Driving back home with the same smile intact except with a little more excitement behind it because now it was time to COOK!

Now it's your turn! You can eat this dish as a typical bowl of chilli or try it out with some almond crackers. Oh and sometimes I take a dollop of sour cream right on top SHHHH.

The recipe below is not only WARM, HEARTY, and MEATY, but it's HEALTHY, ORGANIC and HELLA DELICIOUS!



1 pound of organic ground beef (can substitute turkey)

1 medium organic onion

2 packets of organic taco seasoning

1 can of organic kidney beans – drained & rinsed

1 15 oz can of organic crushed tomatoes

1 16 oz jar of organic salsa

½ bag of shredded organic carrots

8oz package of organic sliced mushrooms

5oz bag of organic spinach

1 tsp of sea salt

Directions (For Insta Pot. See below for stove top cooking)

Sauté meat & onion in instant pot. Turn off instant pot. Add remaining ingredients. Set on manual high press for 10 minutes. Release pressure naturally 10 minutes. Then Instant Release.

Directions (For stove top cooking)

Sauté meat & onion in frying pan. Then add all ingredients to a pot. Simmer on stove for 1-2 hours.

Recipe: Dr. Kristy Harvell

Written: Nicole Saint Paul

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