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3 quarts (12 cups) of filtered spring water

6 organic green tea bags

¾ cup organic sugar

Cheesecloth or fabric

Rubber band

Glass jar


Bring water to a boil. Add tea bags and cool until warm. Add sugar and stir until dissolved. Cool completely and add to glass jar with Scooby.

Let sit for 1-2 weeks until it tastes sour instead of sweet. The longer it sits, the more fermentation that will occur, and the more living organisms you will grow! Taste once a week for the desired effect. When ready, strain the liquid and store it in a container, and keep it refrigerated. You can put it in one large container or separate it into smaller jars. Use the

Repeat steps to keep Scooby growing and to make another batch. When the Scooby grows thick enough to divide, gift it to someone else by cutting off the brown parts, so they can make their own Kombucha. It’s the gift that keeps on giving!


Start with very clean glass jars and hands.

Occasionally clean jar and Scooby.

Don’t keep the jar in direct sunlight.

The temperature might affect fermentation times.

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