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Is it safe to buy supplements from Amazon?

Buying supplements on Amazon may be incredibly convenient and cheap...BUT is it safe to buy supplements elsewhere? I mean, supplements are supplements, right? Nope. Supplements are not created equal. Even your local grocery store supplements may not be the most effective.

Is it safe to buy supplements from Amazon?

The short answer is no. I would never recommend buying supplements from Amazon to ANYONE I cared about. Even purchasing regular supplements in your grocery stores or drug stores could be a waste of your money or possibly harmful to your health.

Why is the resale policy so important?

Put simply, we believe the relationship between health care professionals and patients is critical in supporting the best health outcomes. Your practitioner is able to provide guidance, personalized recommendations and support.

So, what’s wrong with buying supplements on Amazon?

  • No Regulation Laws

  • Counterfeit Products

  • Lack of Temp Control in Storage

  • Contamination

  • Lack of Ingredients

There are three main ways that supplements end up on the market at unbelievably cheap prices:

1. They are counterfeit and probably dangerous.

2. They are useless expired products that have been repackaged as new.

3. They are stolen products released on the black market without any quality control.

Are Supplements Worth It?

Now you might be thinking, oh crap. So are supplements worth it?

100% yes! BUT you have to use the highest quality supplement companies in order to see health benefits. The products we carry are professional grade and in most cases can only be purchased through a licensed healthcare provider

High-quality supplements have third-party testing, contain high-quality ingredients, and are in their most bioavailable form (meaning your body can absorb the nutrients easily).

Last count we had over 550 individual supplements in stock, from over 18 different companies.⁠

⁠This doesn't even include our CBD, EMF Protection, Protein Bars, or Pet Nutrition.⁠

If you want to truly eliminate the guesswork and have a customized plan to uncover the underlying or hidden cause of illness & provide a nutritional healing strategy that guides you back to health, this is what it's going to take.⁠

One size does not fit all.⁠

This is the SECRET to our success.⁠

*As we encounter delivery delays, inventory issues, and product shortages, it is VERY important to pre-order and stock up on your supplements. We ask that you plan ahead and give us advance notice when you are close to needing refills. DO NOT WAIT UNTIL YOU ARE ALREADY OUT TO ORDER MORE!

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