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Happy New Year, from Health by Design!

I don't have to remind or convince anyone of the year that we have just been through but the good news is…. that you made it!

Give yourself a pat on the back.

If you are like most people, there have been struggles and loss alongside some bright and shiny moments...even if you have to work a little to find them.

At Health by Design, we were blessed to be able to keep our doors open during the pandemic as our services were considered “essential.” It’s a good thing too because I was personally ready to come out swinging. I would have defended our stance on the ability for the natural immune system to defend us against coronavirus, cold, flu or anything else that comes our way.

I was very encouraged at the dedication of our patients to stay on program and to stay connected during this time. The trust that you all have placed in us to provide true healthcare to you, your families, and your loved ones means the world to me. This is what has helped me keep my chin up, pull up my bootstraps, and fight for natural medicine’s role as a first choice rather than a last resort. I am truly living out my passion and what I feel God put me on this Earth for. Thanks for coming alongside me and my amazing team.

If anything, Covid 19 has made us more dedicated, more creative, more determined, and more convicted than ever! I have been in admiration of the human spirit to endure during this time. As Americans, we have made it work. Within weeks, schools figured out how to deliver classes over zoom. Many businesses did the same. Zoom and curbside pickup became the norm. People learned how to smile through their eyes as their mouths were covered in masks. Businesses shifted towards work at home and families were brought closer together. Many people decided to continue to homeschool their kids. We saw more people than ever getting outdoors and taking walks with their kids around the neighborhood and in local parks. Patients who previously couldn’t find the time to meal prep or try a new recipe used their time wisely to learn a few new tricks in the kitchen. When we couldn’t gather in church buildings, we became the church wherever we went.

Here at Health by Design, we had our losses but we also had many blessings. We brought on a much-needed practice manager! There is hope for my sanity AND I get to work side by side with one of my closest friends, April Caldwell. We hired a Chiropractic Associate, Dr. Adrienne Russell and she is doing amazing work with our patients. She immediately fit right in. We added a coaching program in response to a survey of patients’ needs to learn more about what they can eat and how to sustain the healthy eating tips that they learn during their Nutrition Response Testing programs. We have Peetie as our unofficial therapy dog. He has been loved by everyone and he returns the love 1oo fold. We have been able to accommodate virtual appointments for long-distance patients, extending our reach and impact as well as for those who find themselves in temporary quarantine. And maybe my favorite excitement of all is that my husband, Scott has joined the practice as our Nutrition Coach. It has been a dream of mine for us to be in business together and to share my soul's work with him. He has been hard at work teaching our Health by Design community exactly how to snack, shop, read labels, meal prep and work around tricky food sensitivities and restricted diets AND maintain a social life and some level of normality. While we have experienced record turnover in staff, we do believe that we have built one of the strongest teams that I have ever had the privilege of working with. I’m excited to roll into 2021 stronger and more prepared than ever.

While no one exactly knows what the future holds, Health by Design is ready to serve all of your healthcare needs. We will stay on our toes, continue to educate ourselves on cutting edge techniques and services to keep you healthy, protect your immune systems, better handle stress, fight for your freedoms and potentially clean up any harm done by future mandates. We strive to be a voice of reason above the chaos and noise. Please stay tuned in to our social media, subscribe to our YouTube channel and Weird Works! Podcast to fully arm yourself with what you need to stay completely well in this tumultuous season.

Above all, remember that “There is Hope, Your Body Heals!”

With love,

Dr. Kristy Harvell

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