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Happy New Year!

As 2021 comes to a close, I pray that we can reflect and give thanks for the good that has come out of a year of rebuilding for many. If you haven’t been in a daily habit of giving thanks, let today be a time to look back. In our practice, I have been a witness to the strength and courage of our practice members. Out of the struggles have come incredible testimony. For some of you, maybe you are still in the middle of the biggest test of your life. It may be hard to understand how God is using your journey for good. What I know is that without pressure, nothing changes. In medicine, Wolff’s Law states that in a healthy person or animal bone will adapt to the loads under which it is placed.[1] If loading on a particular bone increases, the bone will remodel itself over time to become stronger to resist that sort of loading. It is too easy to get too comfortable in your current status. The fear of the unknown can paralyze us from taking risks that could lead to the largest breakthrough of our lives.

I am continually enamored with the American spirit. We are overcomers. The show must go on. Where there is a will, there is a way! I witnessed people who stuck to their convictions, fought for their freedoms and demanded change. I listened to patients who shared wins for their families. We cheered on families who braved a new lifestyle whether that meant moving to the country to grow their own food, trying their hand at a life-long passion or learning a brand new skill. Babies were born, networks were built and groups of like-minded thinkers were formed. Voices were raised and change was demanded. Eyes were opened, minds were expanded. In a time of great division, there was unity. Bonds were formed that won’t be broken. We are one and we have won.

Healing has taken place. Your success stories are what keep us alive. Luckily, we were all ready and poised to handle immune defenses and the changing health challenges that have continued to evolve thanks to an amazing network of Nutrition Response Testing practitioners across the country. As news of the pandemic stretched out into yet another year, we were able to stay on top of the latest findings and foresee what challenges the next phase would bring. Isn’t that the benefit of proactive, preventative thinking? It applies to health, business and life in general! While none of us know what the future holds, we can be an active participant in the here and now. Being present means letting go of the fear of the past and the anxiety of what has not yet come to fruition.

The practice…sure, we have been tested. When you are making a difference, your adversaries are only going to come at you harder than ever before. It is only with a strong faith that we can overcome what acts to stand in our way of kingdom impact. We are plugged into a much more powerful influence than human nature alone. If it were left solely to our human abilities, surely, we could not attain or even come close to what God alone can and is doing through us. In the middle of chaos, disruption, and division, God has glued together an incredibly powerful team… that is a personal reward to work with. We have a team of heart-led, servant-oriented brothers and sisters who believe in and want to share in the Health by Design mission! With the support of a cohesive team, we have been able to expand our nutrition coaching program to in-office 4 days a week. Dr. Caroline has joined our practice as a Nutrition Response Testing provider allowing us to serve even more of our community’s growing healthcare needs. 90/10 Lifestyle, our online program has launched, and we have completed beta testing so now our services are available online in a convenient virtual format. The Weird Works! Podcast recently launched its 27th episode with a fun and informative lineup of interviews coming in 2022. All in all, our practice has continued to grow and thrive at a time in our world where so much is undetermined.

A very special thank you to all of you who call Health by Design your wellness center. Thank you for trusting us with your health and with your referrals from near and far. It is a responsibility that we don’t take lightly. It is a great honor to serve you and your loved ones and a relationship that we look forward to nurturing for years to come.

Our ambitious team has been putting their thinking caps on and brainstorming some fun ways to deliver health education in the New Year. You can look forward to more educational events, cooking demonstrations, and pop-up shops featuring food and products from local companies just to name a few highlights!

In good health naturally,

Dr. Kristy

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