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Chiropractic can help colic!

Infantile colic is a common condition affecting approximately one out of every four infants. The condition is characterized by inconsolable crying and stomach sensitivity in seemingly normal babies.

The cause of colic is still unknown, although research has shown that subtle spinal nerve interference, often due to the rigors and stress of routine birthing procedures can be a contributing factor.

One hundred newborns were physically examined and assessed for structural dysfunctions of the spinal column; 99% of these newborns had at least one immovable joint between bones in the upper cervical/occiput region.

A study of over 100 infants with infantile colic revealed that chiropractic adjustments significantly improved their crying behavior.

Over 2000 mothers reported improvements across all aspects of infant behavior studied, including feeding problems, sleep issues, excessive crying, and pain after the infants received chiropractic adjustments.

Taking a colicky infant to a chiropractor will result in fewer reported hours of colic. If you know of an infant with colic, please call us at (904) 363-3374 to schedule an appointment.

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