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20 Benefits of Chiropractic care that have nothing to do with back and neck pain!

  1. Improves joint mobility, function, and health.

  2. Loosens up "frozen" or "locked" muscles and improves the contractibility of the muscle.

  3. Decreases degeneration of the joint and connective tissues (arthritis).

  4. Decreases the on-­going inflammatory process associated with the subluxation.

  5. Improves circulation taking stagnant blood out and bringing new blood in.

  6. Speeds up the recovery process from joint or limb surgery or injury.

  7. Improves nerve system function and the individual nerve’s ability to carry nerve impulses more efficiently.

  8. Strengthens the immune system.

  9. Improves individual organ system function (heart, lung, sinuses, digestive, etc).

  10. Improves mood and anxiety disorder symptoms.

  11. Calms a hyperactive mind and energizes a depressed mind.

  12. Increases energy, vitality, and improves sleep.

  13. Relieves/improves prenatal discomfort

  14. Decreases length of labor and associated pain.

  15. Decreases the adverse effects of stress.

  16. Improves athletic performance.

  17. Improves symptoms for those who are diagnosed with chronic medical conditions.

  18. Boosts immunity.

  19. Improves overall health and wellness for infants and children and can help reduce or eliminate common chronic childhood conditions such as chronic ear infections, cholic, poor sleep, bowel, and digestive issues, and allergies.

  20. Improves cognitive ability.


We firmly believe EVERYONE can benefit from chiropractic care. No matter what age (Dr. Kristy has adjusted babies that are just hours old) or lifestyle, the 21 items above can help improve anyone's overall health and well being.

Call and make an appointment with our new Chiropractic Doctor and learn more about how you can improve your health with Chiropractic care!

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