12 days of christmas

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It's back! Each year, Health by Design brings you the 12 Days of Christmas! We spend 12 days introducing you to our favorite health, wellness, and supplement products to give you great ideas for gifts for your family and friends this year...or just stock up for yourself! No judgment! Each day, we will be introducing a new product. Stay tuned to your emails each day to find out more about few of Dr. Kristy's favorite things!

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LMNT Electrolytes

Adding electrolytes boosts your hydration and natural energy! My good friend Cpt. Lincoln, of FireTeam Whiskey, introduced me to this company when she was in town for a visit. We are always swapping healthy living hacks. I fell in love with the flavor options and haven’t had a cup of coffee or chai tea without the chocolate salt! It’s soooo good. Stock up on your favorite flavor by buying a pack of 30 or sample them all in individual sticks. If margaritas are on your holiday menu, you might want to rim your glass with the mango-chili or lemon-habanero salts. Sugar-free. Keto-Paleo Friendly. Backed By Science. No Artificial Ingredients. No Fillers.

Box of 30 $45

Individual sticks $2 ea.


Available in-office while supplies last!

Call the office and reserve your boxes or swing by the office and purchase!

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Brizo Pure Whole Flower Hemp CBD Spray, Drops, and Muscle Rub

With the increased popularity of CBD products popping up everywhere from gas stations, tourist shops, and grocery stores to health care practitioner offices and online influencers I was adamant about getting to the truth of the matter. Who is telling the truth? They can’t all have, “the best CBD on the market.” I tried a number of over-the-counter products that had seemingly good reviews but I didn’t really notice any significant health benefits despite the many claims. When I was introduced to Brizo, I was immediately encouraged because of 2 facts. One, they use the whole flower. This means that it most closely resembles how nature intended hemp to be with all of its cofactors for utilization and absorption rather than a single isolate...very similar to the whole foods products we use in our clinical nutrition programs from Standard Process. Two, the product isn’t an oil, it’s water-based so it’s can be absorbed immediately without having to go through the digestive system. The CBD is offered in 3 forms: drops, spray, and muscle rub. I personally enjoy the spray for internal use. I have found that it helps with my anxiety. I use it in the morning before I start my day and at night before bedtime to help relax me and prepare my body for sleep. It’s also great to use during the day if you know you have stressful events coming up. I often use it when I am driving or going on long trips. It’s just comforting knowing that I have it in my bag in case I need it. The muscle rub is hands down the best topical product I have found for muscle tension, joint pain, and stiffness or injuries. I keep one at the office, one in my purse and one on my nightstand. I’m always pulling it out to offer to someone in need and they always tell me it helped AND the pain doesn’t come back!


Serene (spray) $125

Suthe (drops) $109

Releaf (muscle rub) $45


Available in-office while supplies last!

Call the office and reserve yours, swing by the office and purchaseor you can order them online at the link below!

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DermResults Exfoliating pads and Vitamin C Illuminating serum

Product research is one of my favorite aspects of my job to bring you healthy and quality products. Over the years, I have tried more than a handful of skincare, particularly anti-aging, products. Finding a clean product, free from harmful ingredients that also performs is no small task. I can honestly say that the newest Derm Results line by Arbonne actually does what it claims to do! I have already been using their Age Well line of skincare and have been happy but the addition of the exfoliator pads and the illuminating serum brought almost immediate visible results. My pores are tighter and fine lines around my eyes and lips and the beginning of dark spots (this has been a new development for me) are less visible thanks to stabilized Vitamin C and Bakuchiol, a plant-based alternative that is better tolerated and less toxic than retinol! I believe in being proactive with skincare just the same as our internal health and Arbonne is helping me and my patients to do so. Katie Ghiotto has been an amazing resource for our patients who are new to shopping with Arbonne. She is happy to help color match, select the appropriate skincare line or even meet with you one on one to sample cosmetics. She can also help you find the most cost-effective way to purchase products for yourself as well as stocking stuffer ideas for gifts. The men on my Christmas list have even loved the charcoal line in years past.



Serum $99 retail,  $79.20 member

Pads $80 retail, $64 member


Products will be on site all day with product samples and limited-time holiday items! You can also order Arbonne products at the link below. 

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Liquid Biocell Pure Collagen

Completely change the way you age! I have been a promoter of collagen for years with the caveat of finding a clean source that doesn’t turn to snot when you mix it up. If you’ve ever glugged down a chunk of undissolved collagen, you know what I’m talking about. The stuff can be horrid making consistency an issue. Collagen is naturally a large molecule, making it hard to absorb into the cells where it can have its effect on hair and nail growth, skin elasticity, the appearance of cellulite and muscle and connective tissue strength. I see my patients go through the same relationship I used to with collagen; mixed results and not sticking with it. Modere came up with a patented matrix technology that breaks down the collagen molecule so our body can use it without the 80-90% waste of other products. The proof is in the pudding….the before and after pictures of patients who have used this stuff are remarkable! I first heard about it from a colleague and I finally had to ask her what she was using with her clients. We all want to see the results on our appearance, but remember, your outward looks are a reflection of your internal health. That means that this liquid collagen is having the same effect on your cells, your organs, your gut and your immune system. I have seen a very dramatic result with patients suffering from thinning hair, especially after having Covid. Patients who take Liquid Biocell also report less bodily discomfort, improved athletic recovery and they hold their adjustments better! Give it a try...you won’t be sorry. Look for a special episode on this product coming in early December on the Weird Works! podcast. Special note: the life cycle to build new collagen is about 3 months. Please take this product as recommended for at least 3 months in order to determine the effectiveness and remember to take your before and after photos to share so we can celebrate your success!



Retail: $80

Member: $70

Available in-office while supplies last!

Or order at the link below and make sure to enter the referral code 7553734 to save $10 off your first order! Check out with SmartShip for the lowest pricing!

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Cell Proof eye and lip complex duo

Imagine the awesome effectiveness of the BioCell liquid collagen product in your eye and lip care! This stuff is unreal for under-eye puffiness and fine lines plus energizing ginger, pomegranate, and natural caffeine to gently hydrate and visibly firm. The lip cream is a natural remedy to plump, smooth and soften without surgical procedures or toxic injections. You will notice fuller, softer, healthier-looking lips after just one use. This duo is a perfect stocking stuffer for you and everyone on your shopping list because you and yours deserve to look as vibrant as you feel!



$35 each or $65 for the duo

Available in-office while supplies last!

Or order at the link below and make sure to enter the referral code 7553734 to save $10 off your first order! Check out with SmartShip for the lowest pricing!

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Body Health Brownie
and Blondie Bars

Free samples in the office, all day!

This is the perfect protein snack bar to give you the energy to keep you going through the day AND they actually taste good! Most people don’t get enough protein intake in a day. It is also true that people often go too long in between meals or skip them all together causing an inevitable blood sugar drop and long-term harm to their metabolism. Doing this can actually cause you to GAIN weight and have a sluggish metabolism to show for it. I don’t know how Body Health did it but they packed these bars with their Perfect Aminos, high-quality MCTs for energy, to satisfy hunger cravings and support brain function and a number of fruits and vegetables making them a legit meal replacement bar! With only four grams of sugar in each bar, delicious sweetness with pure monk fruit (no Erythritol or other sugar alcohols) to satisfy your sweet tooth while keeping your system in fat-burning mode. Enjoy these on-the-go protein bars to help you maintain your active lifestyle. I know if it weren’t for healthy bars and shake options, it would be near impossible for me to get in my daily nutritional requirements on most days. Instead of candy and sugary treats this holiday, give your friends and family the gift of nutrition. Maybe you will even inspire them to make healthy changes and learn more about quality ingredients.

PRICE: $44 for a box of 12 bars or $4 per bar

Available in-office while supplies last!

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Body Health Perfect Greens and Perfect Reds

Free samples in the office, all day!

If you don’t get enough fruits and veggies in your diet, these are an easy and delicious solution. These convenient powders contain fruit and vegetable superfood extracts (keep the natural biological complexes intact, so you get all the bioavailability and synergistic health benefits of whole foods with none of the sugar, starch, or excess cellular filler), digestive support, anti-inflammatory, fiber, enzymes, and pre-biotics. Each scoop is equivalent to 10 servings of fruits or vegetables. Our staff likes the greens with a twist of lemon and sparkling water for an afternoon pick me up without added stimulants. One of our patients suggested mixing the reds with our vanilla Standard Process shakes for a raspberry vanilla shake. They are also great added into recipes like power balls. I’m going to try the reds in a dark chocolate truffle recipe this Christmas. Don’t worry...I’ll post the recipe ;)

Pricing: $50

Available in-office while supplies last!

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BEMER medical device

The BEMER has been a great addition to the practice as well as my daily home care routine. We use the BEMER for anything from pain, stiffness or swelling to poor circulation, lymphatic congestion, to assist with detoxification, stress reduction, energy improvement, recovery, and sleep. While this invisible, sometimes hard-to-sense energy therapy can be a foreign concept, the gist of it is this….the PEMF technology improves circulation, including to the smallest blood vessels in your extremities, and anything that gets more Oxygen is going to work better and heal faster! BEMER sessions are great to add to your regular office visits when you are onsite, but to get the most out of this therapy, it is meant to be used twice a day in the home. BEMER now offers their full Home Edition which includes the full mat as well as a little more economical Go Edition that doesn’t include the mat but does include a travel backpack and car charger. Let me tell you all….I just traveled with this set for the first time all the way to NY and back in a car!. I would normally be broken. We used the BEMER several times each while driving when we would start feeling groggy or when our bones and muscles started hurting and it helped with recovery like magic. I was able to start my vacation feeling great rather than having to take a couple of days to loosen up and recover from the trip. If you are considering which set to get, the added benefit of the pad is that you can use it in your bed to sleep on overnight on a special sleep setting that helps restore your natural circadian rhythms and helps your body enter deep restorative healing and detoxification...all while you sleep! This technology is the ultimate health hack.


Package of 5 in-office sessions $150 

Package of 10 in-office sessions $300

To learn more about how you can own a BEMER Go Edition or BEMER Home Edition, ask in the office, go to the link below or call Heidi for more information. Special financing is available, call Heidi for the details on this at 904-363-3374!

Purchase BEMER session packages here