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Markup Import and Markup AssistAurora RASAdvanced series options:In response to your feedback, we have enhanced and improved the series features in AutoCAD 2023. The advanced series options dialog box, for example, provides you with several new options to help your drawings look even better.Viewing and modifying a series.In addition to viewing a series of drawings in your drawing, you can now view and modify a single drawing within the series.Viewing and modifying a series.This enables you to review individual drawings or parts of drawings as you build your series.Viewing and modifying a series.Options for displaying series components as one combined drawing:In AutoCAD 2023, you can now select from two new options to combine different series drawings or parts of drawings into one drawing.For example, you can draw a blueprint by viewing multiple sheets as one combined drawing.The combined drawing is bound by your initial selection in the dialog box.To display combined series drawings, select one or more of the following options:Projected drawing and physical projection options.Modifying a series drawing.Drawing in context.Adding to or replacing a series.Drawing in context.Export combined drawings as an image:You can now export combined drawings in formats such as TIFF and PDF.Adding to or replacing a series.Drawing in context.Sequence drawing enhancements:We’ve improved and enhanced the sequence drawing features in AutoCAD 2023.The sequence drawing is now a dynamic feature that responds to your editing and drawing actions.You can now choose from several options to customize the visual appearance of the sequence drawing window.For example, you can choose from different colors for the axes, changes the background color, and specify line styles and shadow effect.And when you modify a sequence drawing, the change is applied to all the drawings that share the same drawing number in the series.Drawing in context.The sequence drawing window’s Search feature has been enhanced. You can now search multiple drawings in a series for the visual marker that you’ve added, for example, to a logo, and add that marker to any drawing.This new feature saves you from having to find the marker 2be273e24d


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