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meet peetie!

Peetie is the official therapy dog at Health by Design and he loves his job! He makes everyone feel welcome and assures even the most nervous that Health by Design is a place of safety, caring and hope! Come on in and say hello to Peetie!

Check out some of Pete's favorite things at AKI-OKA Pet Boutique and get 25% off with the code: PETE25

Check Out Some of Peetie's Favorite Things!


Pup Flannel

Keep your pup cozy and warm...and stylish! Peetie loves his flannel!  


Seat Belt

Keep your pup safe in the car with the Tails Up Seat Belt. This is the one Peetie uses every day when he goes to work at Health by Design!



Peetie loves sporting his cute bandannas! 

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