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Get Dr. Kristy's Jax Baby Bump Expo Presentation Slides

Thank you for attending Dr. Kristy's presentation!


Dr. Kristy will be giving you a ton of very useful information today that will improve the health of you and your children. We encourage you to download her presentation slides so you can refer back to the information when you need it in the future. 

You are in the right place if you...

  • You identify as a “Crunchy Mom”

  • Raising your family as naturally as possible is important to you

  • You want to know what to eat when you are pregnant and nursing

  • You have a baby or child with food sensitivities causing colic

  • You have done everything that you know to do nutritionally and you still aren’t getting the result you would expect

  • You want to avoid surgeries, medications, and unnecessary procedures when possible

We hope you find Dr. Kristy's presentation both informative, eye-opening, and entertaining. 

In good health, naturally!

Image by Thiago Cerqueira

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