Natural Breast Cancer prevention and what you can do!

Updated: Nov 14, 2018

We recently hosted a Ladies Health Fair with the focus on natural preventative measures for Breast Cancer. Our very own Dr. Kristy Harvell presented and shared with our guests the myriad of ways cancer affects all of us. A large part of her message was "A CURE for Cancer is PREVENTION"

Dr. Kristy presented us with the basic information needed to understand what we, as women, are up against: What is Cancer and how does it behave? What exactly is Oncology and the current medical treatments? What is the Role of Alternative Medicines?

Here is a Recap of what was covered...

What is Cancer?

As Dr. Kristy explained it, Cancer is a collection of cells that have gone 'Rogue.' They don’t behave like typical healthy cells. They are invisible to our natural defense mechanisms. Cancer cells are best known for their rapid growth, often invading the healthy organs that they take over. Cancer cells serve no general purpose.

Cancer Cells are selfish: They eat first, suppress the immune system, make their own blood supply and do anything solely to survive.

What exactly is Oncology?

Oncology is the use of powerful poisons that kill cells, the problem is that it doesn’t discriminate between healthy cells and diseased cells. It is important to note that the focus of Oncology is on the treatment of tumors once they appear. Oncology is neither geared towards the treatment of microscopic cancer on the cellular level nor on the underlying cause of cancer growth.

What we know is that 2 out of 5 women have a recurrence of their cancer after the 5 year mark and yet are still counted as survivors.

What is the role of Alternative Medicines?

  1. To get patients off of the "Cancer Conveyor Belt." Women with a recent diagnosis are often scared into acting quick without being given any options or choices. Despite statistics that show cancer rates and mortalities are growing, we are slow to adapt to the facts that something different needs to be done.

  2. There is more to healing than Surgery, Chemo, and Radiation or "Cut, Poison, and Burn." Chemo and Radiation have been shown to cause cancer while also suppressing the immune system; the only system that can actually fight cancer!

  3. To give you HOPE: Your body heals! Medicine isn’t the final authority over your health or your body. Cast aside Doom and Gloom terminology; Chronic, Incurable, Terminal, etc etc. The BODY is capable of HEALING, Alternative Medicine aids in that.

  4. To provide care for Women in all phases of cancer treatment SAFELY:

  • Prevention: to teach what you can do to optimize your immune system, avoid toxins, know your risk factors and eat right

  • Active cancer: honor the patient’s choice for care, educate, encourage, eliminate dietary, lifestyle and environmental stressors, dietary instruction of foods to avoid as well as superfoods to aid in the battle against cancer.

  • Survivor: detox from possible conventional treatments, create a long-term plan to discourage the recurrence of cancer

What can you do?

A large part of what we at Health by Design and Dr. Kristy herself have been trying to help the public understand is that the treatment of cancer isn’t one size fits all. There is a place in alternative medicine to manage treatment side-effects, boost the immune system, detoxify, help with pain and stress relief and educate on diet. Natural cancer survivors all agree that a Body, Mind and Spirit approach is critical.

Truly, the amount of natural or alternative ways in aiding your body to heal are astounding. In fact, there are too many to go into detail here in this one article! Instead, we are going to list them out for you to either research on your own or better yet, Schedule with us to meet Dr. Kristy and get her personal information and plan tailored to your body!

A number of possible natural things you can do now to help prevent and fight against Breast Cancer:

  • Get your spine adjusted to balance your nervous system and ensure optimal health

  • Be well informed on your risk factors such as health and family histories

  • Self Breast exams as well as screening with Thermography and Ultrasound scans.

  • Have your Saliva Hormones Checked for Estrogen Dominance and Cortisol imbalances

  • Get tested for nutrient deficiencies, Nutrition Reflex Testing

  • Talk to a professional, like Dr. Kristy, about a Detox program

  • Learn how to read labels, see our Events!

  • Decrease reliance on chemicals and medications after speaking with a Doctor

  • Don't drink tap water. Even the best filters cant get rid of every chemical or resonance. Things that are dumped into our water supplies eventually makes its way to our tap.

  • Eliminate Canned foods

  • Maintain a low glycemic index diet. Sugar feeds cancer cells and that can include “healthy sugars” as well. Fruit, certain nuts, beans and legumes also should be used sparingly.

  • Investigate a Ketogenic Diet

  • Improve your microbiome and gut health. Most of your immune system lives in the gut.

  • Implement intermittent fasting which helps your immune response and balances blood sugar regulation.

  • Reduce Stress: Rest, unplug, recharge!

  • Evaluate your mindset: Meditate, pray, and/or practice gratitude.

  • Exercise and Breath, O2 is toxic to cancer so be sure to get more of it!

  • Visualization: always focus on what you want, not what you fear. What you feed your mind is just as important as what you feed your body.

  • Improve your sleep habits. Research shows that we need an average of 8 hours/night to perform at our best.

  • Super-hydration: drink 32oz. before breakfast to help eliminate toxins that your body has been eliminating all night long.

  • Reduce your exposure to EMF and Radiation from power lines, GPS, cell phones, tablets, etc. It is a known fact that these devices compete with our body’s natural energy and have been strongly linked to cancer.

  • Use MCT and SCT oils. These healthy fats are easy to digest and are natural anti-inflammatories.

  • Take immune support supplements (Contact Us for our recommendations)

  • Coffee Enemas stimulate the liver to detoxify and can help with recovery, pain, energy and mental clarity.

  • Buy organic as much as possible to avoid pesticides, GMO’s and hormones.

  • Use non-toxic household cleaners and personal care items. Many common ingredients are knows carcinogens and hormone disruptors.

  • Ensure increased lymphatic drainage. Your lymph system helps circulate and eliminate toxins and inflammation.

  • Skin brushing

  • Rebounder exercises

  • Normatech or other compression therapy

  • Lymphatic drainage massage

  • Ionic footbaths

  • Exercise at least 10 min/day

  • Infrared and ozone saunas

As you can see there are many options out there. Even selecting some of these items will improve your health and how you feel. Of course we would prefer you work with someone like Dr. Kristy to help aid you in implementing as many of these into your routine as possible! A customized program can be designed specifically for your unique and individual needs.


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