Holiday Meal Prep: Thanksgiving

Updated: Nov 15, 2018

In search of those mythical Thanksgiving health tips? In our Holiday Special event Meal Prep - Holiday Edition, our very own Dr. Kristy shared some helpful tips ranging from Reading Labels to How to deal with health eating teasing! We are sharing this wonderful information in this edition of the Health by Design blog!

Dr. Kristy's Tips to Holiday Eating Success:

We all know that prepping and eating healthy during the holidays is a struggle equal to that of climbing Everest. Fret not! Dr. Kristy has some tips to make that battle with the hunger and junk food beast more than fair!

Don't forget to check our the wonderful recipes at the end of this blog. These will provide you a healthy meal or dish that still puts a holiday smile upon you face!

The average person gains 5-8 pounds in the last 2 months of the year!

1. Pre-order your fresh or frozen organic turkey.

Saving you time and increasing preparedness; plus getting those extra health points from buying organic!

2. Pick a day to shop and prep.Sunday is a great day to prep for the week. Sometimes I choose Friday to make sure we have healthy options for the weekend as well.

3. Use shopping services to save time and leave the time for prepping.

Using any of the shopping services works, but if you use Shipt and use promo code: pmGmQ and you'll receive $50 off!

4. Make a plan for the entire week.

Have a plan, and stick to it!

5. Cook one protein to cover three meals, cooked three different ways.

Make larger batches to carry over into lunches and dinners. Freeze what you don’t use.

6. Have good storage containers available. Glass or stainless.

For all that freezing of the extras!

7. Pre-chop veggies for the week’s recipes

Do it once, forget about it all week!

8. Pinterest Key Search Words: Low Carb, Paleo, Keto

Use your social media skills to your advantage. Find tips and meals all in one place to use as your own plan

9. Make plenty of non-traditional dishes like brussel sprouts and salads

Who knows you might start a new tradition! Plus, you and your family will be eating just a bit more healthy this holiday season!

Eating at Someone Else’s House?

'Wait, Dr. Kristy what if I am going over to a family or friend's house for the holidays?'

When visiting we have less control over what is available to eat. To ensure you are still able to eat comfortably while maintaining a healthy lifestyle we can do a few things.

This simplest solution is to bring 2-3 dishes of your own. This allows you to be able to ensure you have meals compliant with your diet plan, but it also gives you few brownie points with your host family!

But, one of the best tips we can give is to make sure you eat a properly portioned meal before you plan on going to your destination. Hunger often makes us overeat, and the holiday meal / atmosphere certainly doesn't do us any favors. By eating before we head over we give our bodies the proper fuel which will prevent us from taking in too many calories to compensate.

The average Thanksgiving meal is 3000 calories. That doesn’t include seconds!!

The last tip in this section is deserving of its own list! These tips help both when traveling or when hosting at your own home. But we tend to encounter a lot of these more so when not in the safety of our own home.

Get ready for awkward conversations:

  • State that you are on a nutrition program and the focus is low carb

  • Make others right. They will often ridicule you to make themselves feel better about their poor eating choices.

  • Tell family and friends that you have actual food and chemical sensitivities. This makes the convo medical and is less offensive or judgmental to them.

  • Give your testimonial. You can become motivation for the people who you love to learn about how to make healthy choices for themselves!

  • Blame your doctor!

Common substitutions for traditional holiday foods:

We can still enjoy our favorite holiday meals while increasing your ability to eat healthy this holiday season!

  • Cool Whip - Heavy cream or coconut cream whipped with vanilla and stevia

  • Potatoes - Cauliflower

  • Baking flour - Coconut or Almond flour

  • Sugar - Stevia, Maple Syrup, Coconut palm sugar, dates

  • Bread or Rolls - Keto bread

  • Gravy - Gluten Free mix or flours made with butter and bone broth rue

  • Stuffing - Quinoa based, keto bread toasted, nuts and seeds, mushrooms

  • Pumpkin spice creamer - Pumpkin spice seasoning with heavy cream or MCT

Fantastic Holiday Recipes!

Click on any of the recipes below and share with us on our FaceBook using the hashtag #HBDHolidays

We cant wait to see your creations!

  1. Captain Stephanie Lincoln’s green bean casserole: Our friends over at Fire Team Whiskey's fantastic recipe!

  2. Fire Team Whiskey's Keto Bread: Another great FTW Recipe

  3. Healthy Pumpkin Pie: A holiday favorite, made healthy(er)!

  4. Cranberry Sauce: So much YUM without all the extra sugar!

  5. Cauliflower Mash: Less Carbs, more protein, and all the great taste!


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