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Featured Product: Prüvit Ketone Mixes

Updated: Nov 18, 2020

Prüvit Ketone Drink Mixes - 10 Day Reboot

Flavors include caffeine free Orange Dream, Maui Punch and Chocolate Swirl.


Have you ever desired better fat loss, better sleep, better focus, better energy, better strength or better mood? This is what the “Keto Kraze” is all about. These drink mixes will help you tap into the benefits of fat burning by adding therapeutic ketones to your body. Try them to give you a boost during workouts or to maintain intermittent fasting without feeling hungry or drained; a great alternative to energy drinks. If you struggle with mid-day fatigue or rely on carbs or caffeine to keep going, give therapeutic ketones a try!

Ketosis refers to a state when the body switches over from burning sugar or carbohydrates (glucose) to burning ketone bodies derived from fats. Ketosis is actually the preferred fuel system for our brains. Most people never get to experience the increased energy and mental clarity from burning ketones because sugar and carbohydrates are all too readily available. As we continue to learn more about chronic disease processes and their link to sugar intake, ketosis is catching the eye of many traditional medical experts. Ketogenic diets are being recommended for cancer, neurologic conditions such as epilepsy, traumatic brain injury, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s, Diabetes, PCOS, Autism, Obesity, and Fatty Liver to name a few. By altering the way we eat, we can retrain the body to stop looking for sugar to burn as energy. Sugar is a quick burning fuel source. You have probably already experienced this. If you eat a carb filled breakfast, you will most likely find that by mid-morning you are having trouble focusing, feeling exhausted and looking for another quick pick me up, usually in the form of carbohydrate or caffeine. Similarly, if you eat pizza or pasta for dinner without quality proteins and fats, you are likely to wake up ravenous. Sugar or carbs will give us an immediate boost by spiking our blood sugar. The problem is that this “high” doesn’t last and the blood sugar comes crashing down. Most people repeat this cycle over and over again throughout their day. By cutting back on carbs or anything that breaks down into sugar, and instead adding healthy fats, our blood sugar and energy and focus stay more consistent throughout the day!

How do Ketones work? Watch this video

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