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Dr Kristy Allen Harvell

Hello! Thank you for visiting the Health by Design website. You are most likely reading this because you are striving for better health and you are searching for functional health care in North East Florida. You might be feeling frustrated with traditional approaches or feel like you have been getting the run around. Perhaps, you want better than whatever prognosis you have been given (“This is something you just have to live with,” “Take this medication for the rest of your life,” “You don’t need that body part/it isn’t working right so we will just remove it.”) Finally, your condition is probably impacting your personal life, relationships, performance and finances.

This described me 18 years ago. I was in chronic debilitating pain almost daily. The doctors didn’t know where my pain was coming from so we started on a scavenger hunt: upper GI study, endoscopy, lower GI study, colonoscopy, IVP and ultrasound of the kidneys, abdominal ultrasound and CT, pelvic ultrasound, intravaginal ultrasound, blood work, urinalysis and finally exploratory surgery. When study after study came back “normal,” it was suggested that I was just depressed.

Except I wasn’t. I had ambitions of becoming a doctor since 7th grade biology class. I graduated top of my high school class with enough college AP credits to fulfill my freshman year. I was in clubs, sports and student government. I was accepted to the University of Rochester pre-medical program with grants and scholarships. I was ambitious and driven, not depressed. There was a problem though. The very medicine that I hoped to one day practice (hormone injections, repeated surgeries and pain pills) left me temporarily too ill to continue my undergraduate studies.

This experience forever shaped my future and philosophy for patient care. Rather than returning to the University of Rochester after a one year sabbatical, I began researching alternative courses of study. The answer was right in my own back yard ~ New York Chiropractic College. Here, everyday studies taught us to find the route of disease and not only treat the symptom. We were taught, “Physician heal Thyself,” Luke 4:23, “Let Food by Thy Medicine,” Hippocrates, “The Doctor of the Future will not Treat the Body with Medication but Rather with Diet and in the Cause and Prevention of Disease,” Thomas Edison, and “Look to the Spine for the Cause of Disease,” BJ Palmer.

While in Chiropractic College, I took elective studies in pediatrics, nutrition and homeopathy as well as adjustive procedures for women. My clinical requirements were fulfilled in Levittown, Long Island and I was approved to do an internship at the Beth Israel Continuum Center for Natural Health and Healing in New York, NY. I graduated in the Phi Chi Omega Honor Society, Cum Laude in December, 2003 with certification in COX Flexion/Distraction technique. By February 2004, I started seeing patients at my first practice in Penfield, NY.

Since then, I have studied Pediatrics and Pregnancy care with the International Chiropractic Pediatrics Association, Clinical Applied Nutrition at NYCC, Thermographic and surface EMG diagnostics with the Chiropractic Leadership Alliance, in August of 2007 became certified in Brimhall 6 Steps to Wellness, completed 200 hours of Applied Kinesiology training from 2011-2013 and have hundreds of hours of study in the fields of Functional Medicine and Clinical Nutrition through Metagenics and Standard Process. I am currently enrolled in Advanced Clinical Training with Ulan Nutritional Systems to get even better results with Nutrition Response Testing™.

By applying what I learned to be true “healthcare” rather than “sickcare” to my own health, I no longer suffer from endometriosis or ovarian cysts. My system is surgery, hormone and drug-free! I have the utmost confidence in the incredible healing potential of the human body. Over the course of my 11 year career, I have been blessed to take part in thousands of success stories just like my own for a myriad of conditions.

It is never too late to experience health. If you are living and breathing, you can heal! You too can overcome your current state of health, all you have to do is start!

The potential for alternative healthcare is limitless and it is my greatest ambition to make it widely available and received.

Sharlie Harby - Associate

I imagine if you have found yourself searching through our website, you have been passed from doctor to doctor.  You have been told you fall in the normal range and are normal, but you know you do not feel normal. Or you have been told you have a condition, have been given a script for it, and have been told to just accept this is what you have now. This was me!  I was continually told the only solution to my condition was a prescription and I was laughed at when I asked if nutrition or natural solutions could help me. There were times I hung up the phone in tears.  I didn’t buy it. They were selling me bandaids with negative long term health effects and I wanted my health back.  That’s what led me to Dr. Kristy Harvell and Nutrition Response Testing®.

I have always cared and have been passionate about nutrition, health and wellness.  As far as I can remember my mom and grandmother had me reading labels making sure to avoid partially hydrogenated fats and sugar.  My mom always talked about what nutrients I was gaining from the foods I was eating.  I always wanted to be a medical doctor, but whenever I would venture down that road I would change directions because I could never find a route that would allow me to truly help people heal.

I know that the body is intelligently designed to heal if you give it the right building blocks. I knew I didn’t want to be a medication and symptom manager. And if I went the nutrition route, I didn’t want to be limited to the hospital setting or pushing sugar-free jello. There was such a great divide, I couldn’t find anything that paired true nutrition with a medical program that focused on getting to the root cause of health problems. I received my undergraduate degree from the University of Central Florida.  Since 2013, I have been helping people with the incredible resource of essential oils.  They are powerful tools for health and wellness, but in some cases I knew we needed some additional nutritional support. Through my own personal journey with hormone imbalance and infertility I discovered Nutrition Response Testing ®. This nutritional technique gave me myself back!  And now I can’t help but want to help others.

After my own personal success with Nutrition Response Testing®, I decided to get trained in the technique because I couldn’t let the healing stop with me.  I had discovered a way I could actually help people get their health back.  I finished the Professional Level of Nutrition Response Testing® in July 2017 and will continue in my training with Ulan Nutritional Systems. I have had the amazing opportunity to work under Dr. Kristy Harvell and gain hands on experience and knowledge, which is invaluable.

Though the military took my family all over the country, I have spent most of my 33 years here in Jacksonville, FL. I am married to my high school sweetheart and amazing husband, Brad. We have one son, Jayden, who blows me away every day and I can’t believe I get to be his mom. We love Jacksonville, our family, our church and community here.  We love to hike, fish, be on the water, play outside, eat good food, and be with friends and family. If there is something fun to do outside, we are always game!

“I love being with people and I love helping people get well. My passion is to love and serve people to their greatest wellness so they can in turn go love and serve people.”

Cherrise Boucher - Front Desk Assistant

Cherrise Boucher is a Momentum Strategist, Creative Content Assistant, host of the video interview series, "The Inspire-view Series™", creator of multiple affirmation decks to increase awareness, and an Amazon International Bestselling author of the collaboratively authored books, "A Day in the Life of Coaches - A Collaboration" and “People Skills – A Coaches Collaboration Book 2”. 

Her focus is on helping smart, sassy, driven women go from overwhelm and mind clutter to having clarity in the steps they need to take to move forward in their businesses.

She grew up on the coast of southern Maine and has lived in Florida for more than half her life.She's a mom to two fantastic teenagers who she is very proud of and creates balance in her life by going on nature hikes, reading in her hammock, and spending as much time outdoors as possible (when it’s not too hot!).

Cherrise believes in creating balance and weaves awareness and energy management into her work with clients so they can experience a sense of peace and reduced stress in their business and life, which inevitably leads to increased productivity and momentum.

She also believes in a back to basics approach to health and well-being. Taking control of what you can do for your health by tuning in to what your body needs to stay healthy is key. Combining a holistic approach with the advancements of modern medicine in healthcare creates a best-of-both-worlds blend to taking charge of your health and the health of your loved ones.

The opportunity to work with Dr. Kristy is an exciting one! She is thrilled about the potential to expand her knowledge and help the people in her community achieve the best and healthiest version of themselves.

Cody Lane - Patient Advocate

Like many of you, I was a seemingly healthy person. I ate right. I exercised. I thought I was doing everything right. I was an incredibly healthy person-until I wasn’t. I had put our son down for a nap on a Saturday afternoon, walked downstairs, and minutes later frantically searched for him. I didn’t know where he was, I didn’t know what time of the day it was, and as my husband explained to me that he was safe, and I had just put him down to rest, I couldn’t comprehend the words he was saying. My face was numb, and my head throbbed. I was 34 years old with zero risk factors, no family history and had not one, but TWO strokes. 

When I presented my symptoms in front of a physician, I was given multiple diagnoses that I knew were incorrect. I wasn’t a stressed out new mom. I wasn’t suffering from depression. I didn’t have migraines. I had worked in allopathic medicine for nearly 15 years and knew to trust my intuition and demand further testing.I found out the results of my MRI via my online

patient records when the scan results were posted three days later. After a week of not hearing from my physician, I had to call their office to follow up myself. A healthy young woman had two strokes, and they didn’t find it emergent to call and notify me. When I did receive a phone call they were referring me to a Neurology appointment desk that informed me it’d be an eight week wait to see anyone and they couldn’t give me any more information on what to do in the mean time as I wasn’t an established patient.  It was at that moment that I wondered, “How many other patients have been given the wrong diagnosis, misguided medical information, and left worried and waiting” from the very field I had worked in for so long? 

I had never been so scared in all my life. When I finally had my follow up appointment, I didn’t get any answers. My blood work was better than normal, additional scans of my brain didn’t show any malformations, and I was told it was “probably a fluke thing and it shouldn’t happen again” but they had a list of medications for me to take as “preventative measures”. When I researched the medications, they weren’t anything to prevent recurrent strokes but for migraines, seizures, and inflammation and had a long list of side effects that I wasn’t comfortable with. I am a mom, daughter, friend, and was about to be a wife, as our wedding was six months away. This was unacceptable. I needed to get well, not medicated. 

I decided to take my health back myself after modern medicine failed me. I researched holistic and naturopathic ways of combating the side effects I had suffered after the strokes and I changed my life through nutrition and wellness practices.  Dr. Kristy was able to get to the root of the cause through Nutrition Response Testing and set my body up for success through whole food supplements. Nearly a year and a half later, I feel better than I did before my brain injury, I have more energy to share with my family and loved ones, I have less stress, and I am proud to be an advocate for our patients and their health. My job as your patient advocate is to fight for you and your wellbeing, even during those tough times. I am here for guidance, nutritional counseling, and encouragement the entire way. I look forward to sharing my passion and knowledge for nutrition and cooking with each and every one of you as we take the journey to wellness together. 

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