Welcome to the Health by Design Nutrition Response Testing® Program! 


We are so happy to be a part of your health journey!

There are a few things we need you to do in order to get started on your Program. 

#1: You would have received a folder with your important program paperwork, but here are some of the forms that you will need just in case you need extra copies. 







#2: We need you to review the HBD Terms and Conditions Page

#3: We need you to check out the Events Page and choose and register for your first health education event that you are able to attend. Remember, this is a requirement for new patients! 

#4: Go on over to Facebook and join the Health by Design Members only Facebook page so you can get all the updates and daily health tips!

#5: It's incredibly important to surround yourself right now with supportive, like minded people and media to help encourage your health journey. Follow us on all the social media channels and inundate yourself with helpful and supportive messages to help you stay on this path to wellness! 



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Need the link to schedule your Virtual Nutrition Coaching Session?

We are excited that our Nutrition Coaching Program is now Virtual! If you are a new NRT Patient and need to schedule your Nutrition Coaching Sessions, use the link below! 

Already a patient and just need to book an appointment? Click here to go to the appointment booking portal!